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Donations will go towards the following, but not limited to; Saving Grace, R.U.F.F., Karen Beasley Turtle Rescue And Rehabilitation Center, Save The Rhino International, Helping Rhinos, The Elephant Sanctuary, Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center, Carolina Raptor Center, North Carolina Zoo, Local Animal Shelters and more!

We Love Our Animals.

Adopt - Don't Shop.

The owners, Frank + Elizabeth are big animal lovers from big beautiful creatures like elephants and rhinos to their adopted furry pups and cute cats at home. Elizabeth has a strong background in veterinary medicine and was in the animal field of work since high school and Frank has always had a love for all animals and a weird fascination of dinosaurs (Jurassic Park movies are his fave). They've donated to many animals already and looking to continue that special journey as the store grows thanks to our loyal local shoppers. Frank + Elizabeth have even been on some very special behind the scenes tours where they even got to pet and feed both elephants and rhinos. We can't wait to see how much our store can help save these beautiful wildlife and domestic animals!

June 2022 - $50 to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

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